Dear Students;

It is a fact that the dizzying technological developments will be taken into consideration and that the profession will disappear and the new profession will come to light.

Considering that I am now beginning to reason, Computer engineering will protect today as it is among the most important professions of today.

Avrasya University Computer Engineering Department is young, dynamic and on the move with the advantages of being in a single foundation university here.

In our department, we aim to raise individuals who give direction to informatics-oriented academic and technological fields.

Please provide internship opportunities in institutions located in the region where the participants are located and that are our external stakeholders.

Our works will be reached on our related website or our social communication channels.

Great importance is attached to applied education in the development of our students and their involvement in scientific activities outside the institution, their participation in national and international projects.

A university is as good a university as it is intertwined with the local people. We attach importance to collaborating with institutions that may include secondary education institutions.

We want to see our students as individuals with a vision that does business, not job seekers. In this section, we attach importance to personal development courses such as Entrepreneurship, Occupational Health and Safety, and Art History.

Currently, you can take advantage of the conditions you use in one of our departments.

Starting from yourself, we will be happy to join our family, which will be a friendly educational environment to benefit your environment, country and all humanity.

Choosing to be a Computer Engineer;

1) We know, you will earn a lot of money and be comfortable.

2) I love, you live fun, you become cheerful.

3) Healing is a profession that is beneficial to humanity.


Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Ferudun KESKİN

Bölüm Başkanı