Our department has determined its vision as ında to be a department that directs the academic sector in the IT sector worldwide akademik.


In order to reach the vision, our Department determined the following as its mission.

To be a center of attraction for faculty and students with its rich academic staff, wide working areas and resources that provide a research environment where technological developments can be closely followed,
Contributing to the studies in the field of Computer Engineering in Turkey and contributing to the university-industry cooperation,
Continuously improve the knowledge acquired, can produce practical and fast solutions, common efforts in the harmony of attention, successful in human relations; to provide graduates with the skills to provide leadership in industry, academia and the public, to serve the society in accordance with national needs,
The aim of this course is to educate the individuals who share the knowledge and appreciate and who can express themselves orally and in writing, and who have received foreign language education in international studies.

YOMRA YERŞELKESİ (2. yerleşke) (2)